2021 Summer GAPNA Newsletter Volume 40 Number 2

State Scorecard on Long-Term Services and Supports for Older Adults and Family Caregivers Available

The Long-Term Services and Supports (LTSS) State Scorecard aims to empower state and federal policymakers, private sector, and consumers with information they need to:

  • Effectively assess their state’s performance across multiple dimensions and indicators.
  • Learn from other states.
  • Improve the lives of older adults, people with disabilities, and their families.

The Scorecard is guided by the belief that, to meaningfully manage and improve performance, one must measure it.

Unlike many other rankings that focus on a particular aspect of LTSS system performance, the Scorecard compares state LTSS systems across multiple dimensions of performance, reflecting the importance and interconnectedness each has on the overall LTSS system.

The goal is to spark conversations, galvanize broad-based coalitions, and focus stakeholders’ attention on the factors that most directly impact consumers and their families.

View the Scorecard