2021 Summer GAPNA Newsletter Volume 40 Number 2

GAPNA Expert Writes About Rare Blood Cancers for National Campaign

GAPNA member Jill Brennan-Cook, DNP, RN-BC, CNE, was recently featured in a national campaign on rare diseases distributed through USA Today and published online by Mediaplanet. Dr. Brennan-Cook wrote What Older Adults Need to Know About Rare Progressive Blood Cancers,” offering crucial guidance to patients and providers in navigating these diseases.

GAPNA’s Michelle Moccia Brought Together a Community to Fight COVID-19

GAPNA Past President Michelle Moccia was recently featured in a special “Nurse Appreciation” national campaign from Mediaplanet, celebrating the life-saving work of nurses across the country. The article describes how Dr. Moccia helped build and launch a coalition that saved lives during the pandemic.

Nurse Staffing Critical in Quality of Care at Nursing Homes: GAPNA Past President Dr. Valerie Sabol Analyzes the Data

Reports consistently link higher staffing levels of registered nurses and continuity in care from certified nursing assistants as critical to positive outcomes for nursing home patients. GAPNA Past President Dr. Valerie K. Sabol presents the evidence in the latest issue of Clinical Advisor's “Best in Literature” column.

Don’t Ignore Your Cardiovascular Health: GAPNA Director Advises Patients in Media Campaign

Margaret Bowers, a national director for the Gerontological Advanced Practice Nurses Association (GAPNA), was recently featured in a Mediaplanet “Cardiovascular Health” campaign distributed across the country in USA Today. In her article, Why Older Adults Can’t Ignore Cardiovascular Care During the Pandemic,” Dr. Bowers urges the public not to deny symptoms or delay care due to fears of COVID-19 and offers critical advice for maintaining their heart health.

GAPNA Past President Helps Lead Age-Friendly Health Movement

HealtheCareers recently featured Michelle Moccia in an article, “Nurses Demonstrate Excellence in Older Adult Care Innovations,” describing the transformative work of the national Age-Friendly Health initiative.

GAPNA President-Elect Reviews the Literature on Medication Management in Older Adults

GAPNA President-Elect Natalie Baker examines recent literature on antidepressant and opioid prescribing, as well as medications errors during transitions of care, in the latest issue of Clinical Advisor’s “Best in Literature” column.