2021 Summer GAPNA Newsletter Volume 40 Number 2

Education and Membership Events Planned

By Ruth Ann Pendergrast

Hello from the GAPNA Great Lakes Chapter. We continue to work on membership even past “March Madness.”

We have created a slide presentation (about 20 minutes) available to universities and colleges via our Zoom account to introduce them to the GAPNA Lakes Chapter. A team of chapter members is contacting universities and spreading the word about the chapter.

In addition, we felt this was an opportunity to promote poster abstracts for our upcoming annual conference. It is an opportunity to address who we are, what we represent, and encourage students and other nurses to seek us out as an option and connect with geriatric nurses as mentors, collaborators, and friends.

Preparation continues on the 14th Annual GAPNA Great Lakes Conference as a live event. We hope to capture the conference in video so those who are not comfortable attending will be able to view the conference afterwards!

In addition to member recruitment, we are looking to attract more members to our quarterly meetings and seeking innovative ideas and contact hours to boost attendance.

There are those who are tired of virtual meetings and find it difficult to attend after a long workday. When we held live meetings, people enjoyed getting out and unwinding.

I have enjoyed being part of the Leadership meeting headed by our own Nina Ganesh-Nandish. It is nice to share ideas and encourage each other. It has been a way to stay connected during the pandemic.

I hope you all are well, and the vaccine comes your way to you and your loved ones soon.

Ruth Ann Pendergrast
President GAPNA-GLC