Purpose: The Post Acute/Long Term Care SIG discusses issues specific to the PAC/LTC setting and brings issues of interest/importance to GAPNA related to the practice setting.
  • Develop/accumulate resources useful to APNs in the PAC/LTC field
  • Promote APN leadership in the PAC/LTC setting
  • Collaborate with other PAC/LTC organizations (including AMDA)
  • Establish and maintain an NP preceptor program in the PA/LTC setting
  • Recognize PA/LTC policy issues & make recommendations to Health Affairs committee
Progress & Achievements: Identified barriers in practice, which led to the formation of a coalition with other national organizations and leaders to discuss issues with NP billing in SNF

Educational Sessions & Information:
Peg Huryk and Shantha Franks introduced De-Prescribing in the Older Adult. The presenters reviewed deprescribing process and recommendations including medication reconciliation guides. 

Collaboration with Other Organizations: Alice Bonner introduced Age Friendly Health System’s Action Community, which is seven months long and consists of one call a month with a peer network of about 100 people from different organizations. Benefits of participation either as a facility or individual provider include networking and building communities by showcasing its leadership and successes.

Meeting Information: Second Tuesday of every month from 8-9 PM ET

Additional Ways to Contribute: GAPNA Exchange is used for organizing SIG meeting materials including but not limited to minutes and handouts. In addition to the monthly posts in advance of each meeting, these posts are shared across the GAPNA Exchange open forum community to attract a wider audience of GAPNA’s membership to attend SIG.