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Great Lakes

Providing Meaningful Education to Members and Students

by MJ Favot and Donna Hamill

Our quarterly meeting was held March 14 at Fleming’s Prime Steakhouse in Livonia, MI. Dr. Bahar Firoz, a Yale University Graduate who specializes in dermatology, presented “Basal Cell Carcinoma Treatment with Erivedge®.”

The presentation occurred via WebEx and was sponsored by Genentech. The audience was highly interested in this topic as they are in a key position to identify this potential health risk early and offer treatment.

During the business portion of the meeting, members were updated on several events. First, the GAPNA Pharmacology Conference in San Francisco was discussed as well as an opportunity to “give back.” Members were generous in their support of the Mabuhay Health Center.

Contributions to local stores were collected and forwarded for use by the health center. Several members expressed an interest in attending the 36th Annual GAPNA Conference in Nashville, TN, October 4-7, 2017.

The Gerontology Resources for APRN Preceptors and Student Toolkit available on the GAPNA Website was described. Members, both students and potential preceptors, expressed an interest in this aide. Several audience members stated this would inspire their participation as a preceptor to new students.

Members were informed of open positions both nationally and in our local chapter. We are looking for nominations for the newest position: Student at Large. This position offers a current advanced practice nursing student the opportunity to participate in committees and activities over 1 year. Our current Student at Large, Laura Kremer, was available with supportive words for future students. Several students expressed an interest in the position.

The next quarterly meeting for GAPNA GLC will be held June 14. The topic is “Understanding Breakthrough Cancer Pain and Identifying Treatment Limitations” featuring Subsys® (fentanyl sublingual spray).

Members of the Great Lakes Chapter shared information about the chapter with Michigan APRNs attending the Michigan Council of Nurse Practitioners annual conference this past March. Many students and APRNs had the opportunity to learn about GAPNA and the Great Lakes Chapter at an exhibit spanning 2 days.

Attendees were made aware of the many benefits offered by GAPNA and the chapter including education, peer support, mentoring, members’ recognition through awards/scholarships and grants, and many more benefits.

Chapter members staffing the booth also had the opportunity to invite attendees not only to consider membership but shared upcoming chapter events including the 10th Anniversary Annual Conference in November (Save the Date Cards) and the 7th Annual NP Student Mentorship.

The chapter is proud to share that another successful NP Student Mentorship Night occurred on March 30 at St. Mary Mercy Hospital Auditorium in Livonia, MI.

This was the 7th such event sponsored by the chapter for NP students either entering or finishing their last clinical course before entering practice. Since the inception of this event, the purpose has been to provide students with information important in their transition to practice such as collaborative agreements, contract negotiation, certification and credentialing, and scope of practice.

The night started with an overview of GAPNA and the chapter and the importance of belonging to a professional organization, a brief overview of the night and, most importantly, the purpose of the event. Students were assigned to various groups and rotated through presentations and discussions of subject matter.

Attendees and chapter facilitators were reconvened at the end of the night for final questions and then completed an evaluation, requested a mentor (if desired), and participated in a drawing. It was wonderful to have 37 attendees from six university NP programs participating in the evening.

The event was possible through the hard work of 10 chapter members offering support to each other and students for this annual special event. Additionally, laptops were available for students interested in becoming chapter members, and happily, we facilitated the new membership of at least five students to the organization.

From the evaluations, it was clear the chapter has achieved its goal of providing meaningful information and direction to future NPs


Donna Hamill, DNP

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