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Excellence Awards

Nominations for GAPNA Excellence Awards Are Now Open!

by Abby Parish

The 2017 nomination period for the GAPNA Excellence Awards is open through June 1.

The Awards Committee is working hard to prepare for the enormous volume of nominations that we expect for this year! Please consider nominating your colleagues who exhibit the qualities associated with each award category.

View the Awards Application Page - each award is listed individually, with their own separate applications.

Chapter Excellence Award: Honors a chapter that best promotes the goals of GAPNA. Please note that only one application per chapter will be accepted and must be submitted by the chapter president or designee. The word limit for the Chapter Excellence Award has been raised this year to 1,000 words!

Special Interest Group Excellence Award: Honors a SIG that best promotes the goals of GAPNA through its member involvement, professional activities, and promotion of gerontological advanced practice nursing during the past year.

Excellence in Clinical Practice Award: For an individual who demonstrates, through the use of geriatric principles, outstanding geriatric care that goes well beyond the traditional service role of their profession. This award highlights clinical practice as an important element of the mission of nursing professionals and singles out individuals who serve as examples of geriatric expertise.

Excellence in Community Service Award: For an individual who demonstrates a commitment to service to the community. This commitment should be demonstrated through the development or participation in programs that go well beyond the traditional service role of their profession. This award highlights community service as an important element of the mission of nursing professionals and recognizes individuals who serve as examples of social responsiveness on the part of the nursing community.

Excellence in Education Award: Recognizes an individual involved in the teaching and/or design of gerontological nurse practitioner curriculum or course content. The faculty member will demonstrate knowledge of the care of older adults and the ability to translate that knowledge to enhance students’ understanding in innovative ways. The faculty member will encourage and inspire advanced practice students to develop their excellence in gerontology. In addition to excellence in teaching, the faculty member will exhibit excellence in practice and service to the community.

Excellence in Leadership Award: For an individual who demonstrates a commitment to geriatrics, through direct care, education, and/or research. The recipient must have a broad-based, continuing commitment to geriatric care as reflected in a variety of programs and initiatives which are responsive to medical and social needs of the geriatric population. This recipient should be active in furthering geriatric knowledge at the local and regional levels through clinical care, education, research, and/or political involvement.

Excellence in Research Award: Recognizes an individual who demonstrates a commitment to research in nursing that benefits the geriatric community. The award highlights research as an important element of the mission of nursing professionals and singles out individuals who serve as examples of nursing scientists within the nursing community. This recipient may be active in conducting research, mentoring other researchers, and/or contributing to ongoing research of other nursing scientists.

The GAPNA Excellence Awards are an important way that we can highlight the enormous contributions that each of us make to the field of gerontological nursing.

The complete award criteria are posted on the GAPNA Website. Nominations/submissions take place right on the GAPNA Website - there are no forms to mail in!

Please note that there is a 500-word limit for each award, except for the Chapter award, which has a 1,000 word limit. The form will not allow you to enter more than 500, or 1,000 words respectively. Also, please pay attention to the award criteria and use that as a guide to write your nomination.

On behalf of the GAPNA Awards Committee, I thank you for your submissions and look forward to an exciting award season!

GAPNA Awards Chair

View past Awards and Scholarships Recipients